Thursday, 25 January 2018

Kolkata: A Long But Rewarding Day!

Today's journey was a LONG one ... We started at took 5 hours to drive 90 km! The roads and traffic were horrific, but we made the most of the adventure by celebrating Donna's birthday today with cards and singing.  We also checked out both sites to be used Friday and Saturdayy.... Arrived to hotel at 6:10 pm.. Took us 10 hours for a five hour anticipated drive! So glad we came today instead of taking our chances tomorrow... We are exhausted!  We have total respect for Dilip and his driving skills!! Thank you for keeping us safe on the road!  We also saw wild monkeys today...but stayed in the van and drove by them! Tomorrow we are at a school site, and Saturday we are at a plant that manufactures soy pasta...we saw the process to make it, and it is dried on the cement in the sun...very interesting ... And they also manufacture a concentrated soy nugget ... An alternative to mutton! Looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow ...

Team Kolkata 2018
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