Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Chennai: Madurai

Yesterday was a travel day where we flew on a one hour flight to Madurai. There we were guests at the Rotary 3000 District Conference which was attended by over 2000 Rotary delegates from the surrounding areas. All delegates were treated to a 6 minute video presentation showcasing the creation of SCAW and its founder - Murray Dryden along with a introduction of this years team.

Today we had a distribution of 450 children in Madurai. Once again the needy children came from surrounding communities to receive their bedkits. We had the chance to demonstrate the contents of the bedkit to the children who were waiting before starting the process. They were thrilled to actually see and understand what was in the bedkit.

These children brighten our days more than they know.

John O’Donnell for Team Chennai 2018
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