Monday, 15 January 2018

Pune: Our First Full Day!

Hello from Pune!
We have now had our first full day in Pune after a long journey from the cold weather of Ontario to the warmth of India. We were welcomed warmly by the Rotarians and have settled in to our hotel and home for the next 12 days. The shrine in the hotel reception area is cleaned each morning and new offerings of flowers and incense appear throughout the day.

The Rotary Clubs have been key to so many successful distributions and we are looking forward to getting started Tuesday, but first we will attend the Club meeting and make some presentations about SCAW and  show images with commentary about Canada.  

The highlight today was a visit to the Kite Flying Festival at a park overlooking the city and sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Pune. It is very popular this time of year and the children had a great time. The SCAW Team had the honour of handing out some of the prizes awarded at the end of the evening. Theresa, Ann and Larry are pictured with the president of the Rotary Club and his wife.

Team Pune 2018
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