Thursday, 25 January 2018

Pune: Visiting Past Bedkit Recipients

Yesterday we were able to visit some children who had received bedkits from last year’s distribution.  After a warm welcome at the local school we walked to the home of a young girl.  There were ten members of the extended family sharing the two rooms that comprised her home; two brothers, their wives, their two children each, and two more relatives.  One of those relatives was an elderly great-grandmother who was working on the front porch shelling peanuts.  No one was really certain how old she was but we were told it was somewhere between 125 and 130 years.

We visited another home nearby to meet a second recipient whose living arrangements were very similar.  She and her two siblings shared two rooms with their parents.  In both cases the items in the bedkit were well taken care of but also well used.

A final stop was was at a school in a village close by where we met several students who had received bedkits last year.  The students proudly showed us items from their bedkits and were very happy we were able to visit their school.  It was a great day and it felt as though we’d had the opportunity, by seeing how important a year later the bedkits still were, that the story was completed.

Anne Kell for Team Pune 2018

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